The Engineering Inclusive Futures programme has been designed with disabled young people at the forefront, focussing on engaging learners with engineering technologies and allowing them to use their lived experiences to influence inclusive accessibility.

Skills workshops

BOM and Aston University PhD Students will deliver hands on workshops to upskill disabled children with coding of sensors within robotics. We will coach disabled learners on how to deliver their ‘Engineering Inclusive Futures’ presentation that will outline their project and the future role they have in influencing inclusive accessibility from their lived experiences. They will present their visions to ambassadors at Aston University and GBSIoT (Greater Birmingham and Solihull Institute of Technology)

Workshops will consist of visits from inclusive engineering companies, presentations from industry professionals, hands-on experience with innovative products and prototypes, as well as various activities surrounding inclusive tech. 

Career pathways

Engineering Inclusive Futures will also impact disabled learners to give them an amazing opportunity to experience university life and career pathways from Aston University’s engineering PhD students’ lived experiences. 

They will also benefit from career pathway insights from engineer experts working in highly innovative engineering organisations including

The Future

Our hope is that Engineering Inclusive Futures will inspire disabled young people to choose STEM for further education, enabling them to pursue problem solving careers and empowering them to make significant impacts to the inclusive engineering industry.

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