Inclusion Resources

Young Learner's resources

At BOM, we recognise that learners have unique ways of developing their skills. Each of these mini online workshops will help learners improve their digital skills. We have presented them so they can either follow the step by step instructions or follow our videos to help them access creative digital skills. Click on the link below to have a go to develop your skills and creating your own digital work.


Autistics at Work

Autistics at Work written by WEBworks founder Sonia Boue is an essential read for autistic people to be empowered to access sustainable careers in the arts and an essential read for all organisations to implement access and inclusion for autistic people.

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Am I Autistic

Am I Autistic? has been written by WEBworks founder Sonia Boué for you to use as a point of reference to inform pre-diagnosis. It is a booklet which allows you to ‘dip in and out’, to find the elements of guidance that you need. There are many links to other people’s lived experience throughout the book to provide autistic voices from a wide range of backgrounds.

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