BOM is a centre for art, technology and science, dedicated to creative innovation with purpose. We explore how technology can be used as a tool for change, to make society a better place. Our interests and expertise are in neurodiversity and technology, how technology can help disadvantaged communities, and how it can be used to address environmental challenges.

Our approach is grassroots, DIY and collaborative. While we are based in central Birmingham, running exhibitions, events, educational programmes and a cafe, we also cultivate a network of creative practitioners, and facilitate digital innovation with communities both locally and across the world.

At the heart of BOM is a community of Residents, a group of hugely talented artists, scientists and technologists, who use our studios and co-working spaces to develop innovative and impactful work. The BOM Residents all fuel, and are fuelled by, BOM’s ethos and help us achieve our mission.

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Birmingham Open Media is a Community Interest Company
registered in England and Wales, no. 8823230.