We Run This

10th January – 2nd March 2019

Co-curated with Afro Futures_UK, We Run This featured the work of non-binary people, women of colour, and artists working in the digital medium. The exhibition explores intersectionality through film, animation and code. Connecting experiences of estrangement and remixed identities from across the black diaspora, We Run This raises questions around the impact of digital media on how we gain resilience through questioning existing paradigms of race, gender identity and sexuality.

The exhibition included work by Irene Fubara Manuel, Georgia Lucas-Going, Emily Mulenga, Tabita Rezaire, Sun Stephenson as well as a You Run This section where visitors were invited to contribute to the exhibition through Zine making. We are also ran two, free, public events. A coding jam and unconference discussing digital expression. 

As part of this exhibition, we commissioned two new works by Georgia Lucas-Going and Emily Mulenga. 

“Existing and Thriving Takes Preparation” by Georgia Lucas-Going


This piece explores how technology and new media will cause our bodies to adapt in the year 4080. How we communicate will change, how we move, how we live and how we prosper.

Take a deep breath. 

Those eyes aren’t brown now, you’ve spent too much time in front of the screen and now your retinas don’t belong to you. 

But your body just about does. 

“Electric Lady Land” by Emily Mulenga

Electric Lady Land is a video installation comprising CGI footage captured from the chat software IMVU, found footage from YouTube, and ‘real-life’ footage captured by the artist. 

The dreamlike sequence offers twinkling city lights, beaches, mountains; and a pink rabbit in a zebra print dress dancing, sipping cocktails and playing with a beach ball. A track of jazz plays as a backdrop. 

Playing with ideas around representation, as well as intuition, pleasure, playfulness and nostalgia, the visuals shift seamlessly from scene to scene as the shimmering sea dissolves into the neon lights of a city, and the sunset becomes a tropical blue sky which melts through the colours of the rainbow to become nightfall.