Make Believe

7th June – 31st August 2019

Our Summer exhibition Make Believe was a playful, interactive space for all ages. Four international artists present colourful immersive experiences, that gave us a glimpse into the creative mind of a machine! The exhibition featured work by Gene Kogan, Violet Forest, Will Pappenheimer and Sofia Crespowho all use the latest technologies to create colourful experiences that delight and entertain.

Visitors could make 3D paintings in Virtual Reality, that hung in mid-air using Google’s Tilt Brush. Artificial Intelligence combined scenes from Alison in Wonderland with famous paintings in Gene Krogan’s “Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?“. Will Pappenheimer’s “Drawing Constellation” allowed visitors to add their own doodle to a giant constellation of drawings, and help create a virtual sculpture that floated in space using Augmented Reality. Violet Forest’s “Tones” was an interactive musical touchscreen display. Sofia Crespo’ s  “Neural Zoo” were a series of prints showing creatures visualised using artificial intelligence.

“Tones” by Violet Forest

Read a review in this great blog written by Ruth Millington.

This exhibition was accompanied by a week-long Summer Camp (19 – 23 August) for 7 – 13 year olds, designed and delivered with magician Stuart Nolan.