In Real Life (IRL)

8th March – 25th May 2019

BOM presents In Real Life (IRL), an exhibition created and curated by cybertwee.

In Real Life (IRL) was a soft, rainbow coloured environment that challenged the traditional aesthetics of sci fi found in video games, movies and online. By immersing yourself into this fictional world, you were invited to contemplate a sci-fi future that is romantic, cute and feminine. In our increasingly-connected world, the internet, smartphones and social media have distorted the lines between fantasy and reality. Many of us curate ideal versions of our lives and moodboard world experiences that may otherwise be inaccessible to us. cybertwee’s work explores how we can create an IRL version of that kind of space, one that feels both safe and excitingly alien.

cybertweeHQ is a VR art gallery which was on show and is available online on