10th January – 25th April 2020

How do womxn living without access to free healthcare manage their reproductive health? How are communities physically and digitally breaking down barriers and working around the privatisation of healthcare?

Herstory is an exhibition about gynaecology, access, stigma, politics of health, DIY and hacker culture. At BOM we champion open source culture and ‘everyday’ people taking control of their reality, culture and experience.

This exhibition championed the sheroes of gynaecology and reproductive rights; The people who are taking back control and effecting change today and in our recent past.

Featuring Activist and YouTuber Aria Bennett, Artists Mary Maggic, Malikah Holder and Paula Pin.

Our Mezzanine gallery was created in collaboration with West Midlands reproductive and mental health charity Cysters.

Hear our Curator Louise talk about the exhibition on our Herstory blog post.

“Transgender Hormones & HRT (MTF) – Complete Guide” – Aria Bennett

“Housewives Making Drugs” by Mary Maggic