Doodle was an online activity hub celebrating mark making and drawing. The project was initially conceived as a physical exhibition in our Gallery space but due to the Covid-19 Global pandemic, we had to close our building and so we created an online space instead!

The project was co-curated by Artist Holly Gramazio and BOM Curator Louise. The aim of the space was to provide good quality and engaging activities that all ages could enjoy! We wanted the space to be a celebration of doodling and drawing – encouraging people to make marks without worrying about the quality of them, we wanted people to relax and take part in some mindful and creative activities.

Doodle included:

Art Deck by Holly Gramazio
Based on Art Deck 2016-present, Digital version commissioned by BOM

Art Deck is a card game that gets players drawing on one shared sheet of paper, following the instructions on the cards and taking turns to add to a growing artwork until someone decides that it’s finished, and signs their name. Players change the instructions as the game proceeds, acting within a framework that encourages them to experiment with their materials and use them in new ways, freeing them up from the pressure that some people feel when confronted with a blank page.

Art Deck Online is part of an ongoing project by Holly and Matheson Marcault with Alex Parrott.

Find out more about Art Deck here


Art Club Challenge by Jarryd Huntley

Art Club Challenge gives players prompts and a deeply limited set of tools – just a few colours, a few ways to draw – and invites them to act within this strict set of limits, exploring the possibilities. By limiting the available tools the game helps to stop people from feeling paralysed with possibility, and creates a space where it’s possible to dig into the things you can do with these constrained tools.

Art Club Challenge is available on the App Store


Doodle Place by LingDong Huang

Doodle Place is a world populated by scrawls and scribbles. Players draw their own strange creature, and then set it free to gambol and explore with all the other scrawls and scribbles. The magic of seeing your rough drawing come to life and disappear into the sketchy world transforms the experience of drawing.

Play Doodle Place here


Become a Great Artist in 10 Seconds by Andi McClure and Michael Brough

Become A Great Artist In Just 10 Seconds presents players with a way to create artworks by pressing different keys on the keyboard – but the relationship between what you do and what happens to your image is an oblique one. As you play, you develop theories about how to create different effects on the screen, and encounter happy (or unhappy!) accidents.

Players are encouraged to gradually accept that they aren’t in full control of what happens on the screen, and find ways to enjoy the process of creation and exploration for its own sake, paralleling the process of creation that many artists go through in making their work. This work is purposely obscure with a hacked aesthetic – it has become very popular in the net art / glitch art world!

Play Become a Great Artist in 10 Seconds here


Sloppy Forgeries by Jonah Warren

Sloppy Forgeries challenges players to recreate famous works of art against a strict time limit, using a limited number of colours and some extremely limited brushes. It’s funny and fast and competitive, but it also prompts players to look at these familiar – sometimes over-familiar – artworks in new ways, picking out particular colours and seeing how the composition works.

Play Sloppy Forgeries here


Paper activities.

Holly created some activities you can take part in without a screen. Download the two activities below.


dot to triangle A4