Joy Sticks

Joy Sticks is a family friendly, sport and games inspired exhibition where visitors have to work with others through physical activity to win the games. The main gallery space hosts Tie Your Laces by Scottish duo We Throw Switches. This compulsive game is a test of speed and agility designed to bring people together through friendly competition. It is intended to be a love letter to games like squash, badminton and other court sports.

The Joy Sticks exhibition also features This is not a table by Birmingham-born, Belfast-based artist Robin Price. Visitors are invited to play a game of ping pong like you’ve never played before. Programmed with 4000 LED lights and sounds, every bounce of the ball triggers a cascade of colour and sensory joy.

As the Queen’s Baton (see how BOM was involved in it’s creation) makes its return to the UK and our city hosts the XXII Commonwealth Games, we also present a showcase of inspirational stories of changemakers from across the Commonwealth. Drawing on air quality data and stories captured by the Baton on its journey and beyond, BOM and MAOKWO arts and social justice organisation (part of the Baton design team with BOM) are working together to platform the voices of those making change within their communities.