STEAM Programme

Our school’s STEAM programme is designed to provide alternative and enriching learning experiences, with the goal of giving all learners the time and space to develop enquiring minds. These workshops inspire young people to problem solve, question and explore science and tech.

BOM’s workshops pioneer intersectional STEAM skills and career pathways, all the while ensuring our programmes are accessible, open-source and adapted for SEND needs and requirements.

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Workshop sessions

BOM workshops are led by the BOM engagement team, these workshops can be tailored towards Key Stages, class sizes & student ability. Depending on the workshop, they can be carried out at BOM, in your classroom or at a school event.

- Blue Skies Biology
- Mummification with Bacterial Cellulose

- Coder Beatz
- Digital Art

- Augmented Reality Workshops
- Arts Award

- Clank, Bonk, Rattle
- Work Experience

A Blueprint For Life

Our new school’s art programme pilots creative arts workshops, illustrating aspirational career pathways for autistic learners in Key Stage 2 and 3. Throughout this programme autistic learners will develop progressive artistic skills, gaining confidence, independence and skills sharing across the year’s programme.

Teaching Science through Art

This recipe book was the result of a schools programme we ran in 2017. Funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we worked with Baskerville School in Harborne to trial a new curriculum where science is taught using artistic tools, ideas and practices. This download provides the materials and instructions you need to teach science with art whether you work in a school, are a home schooler or you just fancy something something fun at home.

We have published this under Creative Commons BY 4.0. You are free to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon our work, even commercially, as long as BOM is credited for the original creation.

Download the BOM STEAM recipe (.pdf)