Just Like Me AR Story Books

For Just Like Me Books, we had the privilege to animate and bring to life Buster in augmented reality for their latest interactive story book

ClientThought Catalog ServicesArt Direction Year2021

Just Like Me – Augmented Reality Books

Just Like Me books are the UK’s first inclusive and interactive picture books that use augmented reality to bring stories to life. Conceived by co-founders and parents Pamela Aculey and Alex Kosminsky with illustrations by Ray Walsh, Just Like Me believe that education should be extraordinary, inclusive and interactive – where all children regardless of their ethnicity, background or ability feel inspired, seen and supported through immersive learning. 

Our Role: 3D and XR Wizards

As a pioneering studio in the realms of 3D and Extended Reality (XR), we were handed the exhilarating mission to bring Buster to life, turning his beautiful illustrations into animations that jump off the pages for the reader using augmented reality.

The Mission Objectives:

  • Engineer an animated avatar of the already beautifully illustrated character Buster using state-of-the-art animation and immersive tech.
  • Craft a seamless viewing experience for each page of the book using a mobile phone to interact with the book
  • Provide ongoing maintenance to Just Like Me

The Execution:

Designed with a passion for inclusivity, our AR experience helps all readers, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, connect with Buster’s world in a profound way. Every page becomes an interactive playground, giving children a unique opportunity to engage, learn, and understand.

The Triumph:

With simple and intuitive interactions, children will be captivated as they witness Buster and his friends leap off the pages, amplifying the story’s powerful messages of empathy, understanding, and kindness. Our AR technology not only enhances the visual delight but also offers an auditory treat with delightful soundscapes and cues, tailored to be autism-friendly.

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