Virtual Reality Training for Social Care, Calderdale College

We created a VR experience to be used in clinical healthcare training for social care students at Calderdale College.

The project, funded by the NCFE Assessment Innovation Fund, assesses the use of VR scenarios as a learning technique, alongside the use of Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust’s Simulation Centre.

VR scenarios are widely used across the healthcare sector to train workers using industry-standard experiences, testing their knowledge and skills ready for gaining qualified status. Calderdale College is one of the first to explore the use of technology within the social care sector.

Our Role: 3D and XR Wizards

As a pioneering studio in the realms of 3D and Extended Reality (XR), we were handed the exhilarating mission to animate and immortalize Perry via cutting-edge technologies.

The Mission Objectives:

  • Engineer an ultra-realistic, animated avatar of the already masterfully designed Perry using state-of-the-art animation and immersive tech.
  • Craft a seamless viewing experience not just for Instagram users but for everyone by creating a custom filter.
  • Democratize digital access to Perry, making him universally accessible beyond the confines of social media.
  • Design a globally mobile, digital Perry to foster community engagement without the need for on-the-ground manpower.

The Execution:

We materialized our objectives by unveiling an interactive Instagram filter, facilitating instant connections between AR Perry and users via the viral #PoseWithPerry selfie campaign.

Moreover, we launched WebAR and WebGL variants that liberated Perry from app-specific constraints. These allowed users to interact with Perry’s 3D avatar via any web browser. In tandem, an interactive online 3D portal was developed, letting users explore Perry’s unique attributes and movements.

The Triumph:

Perry’s digital debut was a roaring success, amassing millions of likes and shares across social platforms during its launch window. Arguably one of the most successful launches we’ve been a part of, Perry’s impact on community engagement was nothing short of phenomenal.

We created a VR experience to be used in clinical healthcare training for social care students at Calderdale College.

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