BOM has delivered Propeller as a digital development programme for autistic adults for the last 3 years. To further address the digital needs for autistic adults we are creating a range of short 4-6 week training programmes and weekly ‘pop in’ digital surgeries to help develop skills and increase the number of autistic adults working within the digital sector. We have devised digital skills programmes that we could run face to face, as online workshops or as pre-filmed ‘How To’ videos.

Propeller digital art workshops
These courses will run 3 times a year for 4 weeks at a time.

Beginners VR (virtual reality) workshop
Workshops using Unity, to develop skills to create virtual worlds.

Beginners AR (augmented reality) workshop
Workshops using Qlone and Alicevision to create augmented 3D objects onto dense background scenes.

Beginners AI (artificial intelligence) workshop
Workshops using Kinect, Ableton and Wekinator to build new interactive systems by demonstrating human actions and computer responses, instead of writing programming code.

Projection mapping workshop
Workshops using mapmap to create video projections onto different shapes and surfaces with a focus on colour and pattern.

Pop Into Code – Run weekly throughout the year.
Workshops will develop coding skills on micro computers from beginners learning on Micro:bit through to coding Arduinos. Support will also be available for independent projects.

Propeller digital skills for autistic life and career workshops 
These courses will run 3 times a year for 4 weeks at a time.

Sound Cloud Workshop
Workshops will use Ditto Loop Pedals to create multi-textured loop compositions that can form the basis of bespoke soundscapes.

Sensory lighting workshop
Workshops will continue on from Arduino skills learning to create bespoke lighting effects for home use.

3D designing and printing workshop
Workshops using TinkerCad to develop 3D designing skills to create personalised stim toys and print.

Self Help App workshop
Workshops will use App Institue to create a personalised app that can track and support your needs.

Organisational Workshops
Workshops will use Trello to demonstrate how everyday tasks can be broken down into more manageable steps.

Web designing workshop
Workshops will use Square Space to create professional looking websites for freelance job opportunities.

CV designing workshop – Run weekly throughout the year.
Workshops will use Adobe Design to create professional looking CV’s for job opportunities.

Please complete this questionnaire to indicate which workshops you would like to sign up for. For more information please contact