Propeller is a 5 year programme supported by the The National Lottery Community Fund aimed at autistic adults over 25. Propeller offers bespoke digital development programmes, mentoring for digital career needs and monthly social & networking events. Propeller is a new initiative, supporting autistic adults to access and thrive in the digital and creative industries. We are working with WebWorks, an autistic-led initiative that mentors and supports autistic artists, and develops autism-led projects.

Digital Development Programme

We work with participants to develop their digital skills in order to progress further within digital and creative industries. We work closely with individuals to create a bespoke programme of 1:1 workshops to focus on areas of digital skills relevant to their particular requirements. Participants have access to our community of Fellows and wider digital creatives to support and nurture their skills. This can include development and experience of:

  • Programming languages
  • Web design
  • Social media
  • Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Operating systems from Mac to Linux
  • App design
  • Digital design and graphics

We also offer mentoring for participants. We have a team of mentors who support participants through 1:1 sessions where we share pragmatic strategies for autistic adults to understand how to access workplaces and digital careers choices to better suit their needs.

Online workshops

We also run digital workshops for autistic adults. As part of widening accessibility to these workshops, we have also created a step by step video guide for people to learn how to augment reality based on workshops run by BOM Fellow, Edie Jo Murray. During this series of videos, she demonstrates how you can create your own creative augmented reality using free and low cost software in 3 easy steps. These videos are for people who are curious to learn about the basics of augmented reality. Edie has a lived experience of neurodivergence and has created these videos to be an accessible and creative experience for all. These videos will take you through a step by step process but you can also go straight to the Qlone, Vectary, GitHub and AR.js  tutorials and find out about them individually.

Click here to access How to Augment Reality

Social Meetups

Our monthly social meetups are made up of autistic people looking to enhance their networks and personal development. The purpose of these sessions are for adults to socialise in a safe environment with people that have common life experiences. The sessions are structured to include their autism journeys and topical issues including:

  • individual autism narratives
  • how to translate autism for neurotypical people
  • pragmatic change for neurotypical organisations
  • how to support other autistic adults
  • how creative technology is used to empower autistic adults
  • links and resources to further support each other
  • celebration of being autistic.

These sessions take place at BOM and remotely to allow access for all participants. There are opportunities for participants to use our quiet spaces, access sessions without using web cams and take time out of sessions. Breaks take place in our autism friendly cafe where stim toys, noise adaptations and soft lighting allow everyone to relax in a safe and comfortable environment.

Over the years that we have been running programmes with autistic people we have found that the majority of our participants are just beginning their journey to understanding their neurodivergence and have a need to investigate similar elements in the lead up to diagnosis. As an adult on the beginning of a neurodivergent discovery, finding support and guidance can be limited, overwhelming and create even more barriers. We wanted a way to share the incredible resources, sign posts and support that WEBworks have shared with our participants, which may be helpful to others embarking on a diagnosis.

Am I Autistic? has been written by WEBworks founder Sonia Boué for you to use as a point of reference to inform pre-diagnosis. It is a booklet which allows you to ‘dip in and out’, to find the elements of guidance that you need. There are many links to other people’s lived experience throughout the book to provide autistic voices from a wide range of backgrounds.

Click to download your own copy of Am I Autistic?


“I want to say a big thank-you to everyone at BOM who have really helped me to break out of my shell and take big steps into my future. At the beginning, I had no idea I needed the support you gave me, until now. I really am glad you had an impact in my life at this time when I need to move forward. I will be happy to say in the future that BOM was a big part of my success story.”

Propeller Digital Participant

If you are interested in Propeller please get in touch with our Engagement Producer, Chloe Lawson: