Mummification With Bacterial Cellulose

Length: 3 Sessions (2 hours)

Age range: KS2 / KS3 SEND

Fee: £360 + VAT

Learners will cover a range of STEM activities which will provide enrichment around Ancient Egypt. Sessions will cover hieroglyphics, writing signatures in a cartouche, and using reed tools and papyrus paper.

Learners will also make model pharaohs and grow sheets of bacterial cellulose from a bacterial culture, to use as a skin which can be mummified through authentic ancient Egyptian processes. During the final session learners will exhume their mummies and design a sarcophagus to intern them. At least one week between sessions is roccommended for cellulose to grow and dehydrate.

Through these workshops learners will cover the scientific principles behind growing colonies of bacteria to produce cellulose, the chemistry of using natron salts in mummification, mathematical proportions for model making, and constructing sarcophagi using cardboard.

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