We needed a leading futurist and speaker on all things Metaverse to open Open Worlds, our week of workshops and talks on Immersive Arts, so of course we’ve asked Amelia Kallman to share her expansive vision, sketching out the possible futures of XR (expanded reality). She’ll be with us to put our learning journeys in context, looking at how lives and projects may both be enhanced and impacted by these new technologies, before we get down to the intricacies of how new immersive experiences can be created.

As part of her presentation, there’ll be breakout sessions where participants will be able to engage with the latest technology, brought to us by the companies who are creating it. Brit based MyndPlay, will be showing us their revolutionary VR ready MyndBand EEG Brainwave headset and the MyndPlayer interactive mind controlled video platform, which allows users to control, influence, and interact with video games, apps and movies using only their mind and emotions.

Grounded in brain research, the MyndPlay platform was created to empower users to train their brains to improve attention, meditation skills, and the ability to overcome mental obstacles through entertainment, simulations and guided training applications.

PlayLa.bZ will bring us GenieMo, their new all-in-one createch spatial computing Virtual Production app. The technology repurposes Kinect sensors (remember those) to create a cheap and easy to use video and volumetric capture tool, perfect for artists on a budget and DIY creative enthusiasts, which is right up our street.

The plug and play GenieMo laboratory set-up is compatible with off the shelf spatial computing sensors, AR/MR/VR displays, headgear & 3D content platforms.

We’re excited to share with you this new way to empower the next generation of DIY motion arts storytellers in creating their new projects, without incurring the eye watering costs of conventional green screen 3D motion capture.

Preloaded the BAFTA-winning immersive games studio will be sharing with us their vision of how emerging technologies are going to revolutionise how we spend leisure time in our living rooms. They’ll introduce us to how a connected ensemble of voice assistants, personal devices and home products can be transformed into a theatre of new experiences, a playspace for the twenty-first century.

Well that’s Monday morning covered, lunch anyone? (Did we mention lunch is on us?)

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