Our Immersive Arts Meet Up is one of our favourite events in our BOM calendars and we’re excited to announce that our next one takes place on Tuesday 16th July from 6pm – 8pm. Expect a chilled evening of immersive arts and meet our fantastic community. Whether you’re connected to the immersive industry or interested in innovative tech and all things creative, then this is for you!

Introducing multi-award winning artist, Sarah Ticho

We’re really excited to be inviting Sarah Ticho to BOM. She’s an artist whose work we’ve loved for a while and we’re thrilled she’s bringing her project SOUL PAINT to our Immersive Arts Meet Up. Narrated by Rosario Dawson, it recently won the SXSW Special Jury Prize in the 2024 XR competition, so even more reason to stop by (although sadly Rosario won’t be there!)


SOUL PAINT is inspired by Sarah Ticho’s personal experience of grief and navigating the mental health system. Designed to transform the way we communicate lived experience with others, remove the stigma around mental health and trigger impactful conversations by creating a shared experience in public spaces. Its aim is to empower patients to communicate, track and understand their own experience. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Sarah Ticho will be demonstrating the project which uses interactive technology in a genre-pushing way. Narrated by Rosario Dawson, participants are taken on a journey to explore and creatively express these feelings of emotion and sensations in the body. Experience SOUL PAINT through the process of bodymapping, 3D drawing and movement and be invited to reveal your unique inner reality and observe the creations of others. 

The result is a visual representation of those sensations, providing a transformative new way to communicate human experiences that are often indescribable.

There’s more!

We’re also going to be sharing the work from RCA Academic, Camille Baker. Camille is a maker of participatory performance and immersive artwork She develops methods to explore expressive non-verbal modes of communication, extended reality and interactive art contects usign XR. 

Camille will be joining us virtually, however we’ll be showcasing her VR project, Mammary Mountain and Inter-her.

Continuing with women’s health, Inter-her is an Immersive installation and VR artwork focusing on reproductive diseases such as endometriosis, fibroids, cervical and ovarian cancers. The full installation features a physical dome space, where the audience moves from outside into a dome space and in a VR space, with 3D audio soundscape of the voices and stories of real women talking about their experiences. It’s an intimate and emotional experience where the audience wears a haptic garment which provides a visceral and vibration responsive on the lower abdomen where the diseases occur.

We’re looking forward to showcasing these meaningful experiences through VR headsets on the evening.

More about the event

We’re proud to be neurodivergent friendly and if you need somewhere to chill, we provide some quiet spaces in the building. We’re located right by Birmingham New Street which means you can hop off the train and be at BOM within 5 minutes. We also like to make sure we have some snacks and drinks, so you won’t be going hungry!

Gather your friends and join us at BOM for our Immersive Arts Meet Up on Tuesday 16th July for an evening of Immersive experiences. Tickets are free but we require you to book a ticket in advance.

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