How to augment reality

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a person’s view of the real world. What Edie Jo Murray demonstrates in this series of videos is how you can create your own creative augmented reality using free and low cost software in 3 easy steps. These videos are for people who are curious to learn about the basics of augmented reality. Edie has a lived experience of neurodivergence and has created these videos to be an accessible and creative experience for all. These videos will take you through a step by step process but you can also go straight to the Qlone, Vectary, GitHub and AR.js  tutorials and find out about them individually.


Edie introduces the overall process of augmented reality. The platforms that she refers to in this video include Qlone, Vectary, GitHub and AR.js.

Qlone Demonstration

Qlone is an app used to scan 3D objects. Edie explains how to access Qlone, best options for us of this programme and how to create the best quality 3D scans. Scanning is free to use on Qlone. To download your 3D scanned images to use as augmented reality, you will need to pay a one off fee of between £10 – £16. Look out for their special offers.


Edie takes us step by step to creating our own 3D object using Vectary. In this video she explains how to use the website to create a 3D object, add colours and textures and download your work as an alternative 3D image for your augmented reality.


This video takes you through the stages of making your model augmented using AR.js. Edie demonstrates how to create a marker and the first stages of how to set up GitHub in preparation for uploading your work to a website.

Publishing your finished augmented reality

In this final stage, Edie will help you join all the tech elements together so you can publish your augmented reality project. You will then have your own weblink to share with people you know who will be able to have their own augmented reality experience of your work.

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