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Seeing Air

Jun 22 - Jul 9

Since his residency at BOM in 2016 Robin has been travelling around the world with his documentary photography project. The project uses a custom built LED light painter that translates air pollution particles into a density of light dots, in a long exposure photograph. As the light painter’s sensor detects more pollution it draws in correspondingly greater numbers of light particles into the photograph. The effect is as if the microscopic pollution has been enlarged and lit up, shedding light on the invisible. 

Robin will be at BOM working on his project either side of a research trip to Kenya. He is working on ‘open sourcing’ (meaning anyone can have a go!) the method he uses to make these beautiful images. Pop along during opening hours (11am – 4pm, Wed – Sat) and have a chat with him as well as seeing some of the fascinating images he has created.


The project is an investigation into the effects of man-made industrialisation on the planet, and has captured sites around the world including India, the UK, Ireland, Mexico and Africa. Working with both the FCOD (foreign, commonwealth and development office) and The United Nations, the project has been used to raise awareness of growing pollution levels in developing cities such as East Africa, the images most recently being turned into protest postcards sent to local legislators in Addis Ababa. 

It is currently being reworked into an open source tool kit that can be distributed to interested school children to help effect positive change through image based campaigning. The project has been developed in collaboration with environmental scientists world-wide, principally Prof. Francis Pope from the University of Birmingham. 

The project is a genuine three way art/science/technology conversation. As well as artistically raising awareness of the relationship between poor air quality and climate change, the project has been featured in a scientific paper with over 100 academic citations, helping to further academic research. 



Jun 22
Jul 9


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