Art & Tech Summit: can technology save us?

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Art & Tech Summit: can technology save us?

November 21st 2020, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

In the context of the Black Lives Matter movement and the effects of the global pandemic, this virtual event will explore activist, artist and practitioner responses to the provocative question:


The event is co-curated and hosted by Charlene Prempeh (UK), Founder of A Vibe Called Tech that has a Public Engagement arm encouraging people to assess the impact of technological developments on the Black community through projects with academic, cultural and tech institutions.

The event will be made up of fascinating discussions, presentations and performances:


Summit2020 (schedule PDF)

Damara Inglês (UK), Damara is a recent graduate of the MA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism from the London College of Fashion. A self-proclaimed Fashion Tech Cyborg and Curator of Extended Reality Experiences, that work through a critical lens focused on ethnographic research, trend forecasting and digital and youth culture with an out-of-the-box creative energy. Her creative work explores the blurring line between the sense of self and how it is expressed through the digital identity.

GLOR1A (UK) GLOR1A is a UK-based multidisciplinary artist nostalgic in approach and futuristic in her concepts. GLOR1A’s work meets at the intersection of music, technology and art. Her style merges boundary-pushing R&B music and Afro-futurism. During Lockdown GLOR1A created Dystopian Futures a isolation interview and performance series exploring technologies affect on creative practise. 2021 sees new work with Dark Matter Inc and SWARM digitally laced performance exhibitions to premier at the ICA London and festivals globally.

Rashaad Newsome (US) An artist whose work blends several practices, including collage, sculpture, film, photography, music, computer programming, software engineering, community organising, and performance. Using the diasporic traditions of improvisation, he pulls from the world of advertising, the internet, Art History, Black and Queer culture to produce counter-hegemonic work that walks the tightrope between social practice, abstraction, and intersectionality.

Kemi Sijuwade Ukadike (US) Project Manager of Eyebeam‘s Rapid Response Fellowship. Her work centres around creative technology management, digital accessibility, as well as propagating African makers and their work.

Ari Melenciano (US) an artist, designer, creative technologist, researcher, and educator who is passionate about exploring the relationships between various forms of design and sentient experiences.

Maxwell Mutanda (RSA/ZIM)  a pluridisciplinary researcher and visual artist whose meticulously detailed data visualisation, collages and architectural practice investigates the role of globalisation, climate and technology within the built environment.

[Event graphic: Symbiotic_Wear by Damara Inglês & SUTU.]


November 21st 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm