912: Immersive artwork

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912: Immersive artwork

Jul 6 - Jul 16

BOM is hosting transfeminist Artist Niya B in our main basement space for two weeks over the Summer. Visitors are invited to experience Niya’s 360o video through a VR headset within an immersive video-sound installation.

The work (912) is based on participatory performance of trans and non-binary people dealing with the opposing forces of waiting and carrying on, within the life-cycle of a day as a recurring unit. 
The starting point is the waiting time required for an appointment at the Gender Identity Clinics (GIC). 912 refers to the number of days Niya had to wait for her first appointment. The waiting lists at GICs across the UK are getting longer, with times for a first appointment estimated between three to over four years.
912 departs from a specific trans lived experience of waiting, whilst having to find the strength to carry on. The project aims to create empathy and understanding across the wider public through the use of immersive technology.

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Jul 6
Jul 16


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