Monday 17 August – Friday 21 August 2020
2-4pm on Zoom

Techoodle! was a week-long programme of guided virtual workshops for children and young people. In these workshops, participants developed creative digital skills and tried their hand at becoming a digital artist!

We had a great line up of activities that fused tech and doodling together in five sessions of amazing fun. From creating GIFs and animations, to designing digital art based on modern art classics, children created a portfolio of digitally doodled imagery that can also be used as gamer pics and digital avatars to adorn social accounts!

Each two-hour session included a video tutorial and a live lesson with BOM’s Engagement Producer and Digital Producer, who will be on hand to guide children through the process.


Monday 17th August
Sketches using Kleki

Kleki is an awesome website to introduce children to digital sketching. We will be guiding children through all the functions of the program and how to achieve the best effects. By the end of the session, children will be layering up their sketches, making them blur, saturating colours and adjusting contrast to create a virtual exhibition of amazing digital artwork.

Image curtesy of Derwent from BOM’s Coder Dojo group

Tuesday 18th August
Stop Motion Animation using Flip Anim

In this session we will be introducing children to animation using the Flip Anim. They will learn all the tools and tricks for making a great action sequence including “onion skinning” to create smooth motion from their sketches. Flip Anim is a great online learning tool with easy access for children to create and save as GIFs.

Wednesday 19th August
Mark Making and Sketching using YouIDraw

We will be exploring how to use digital mark making tools to create some futuristic creatures, robots and characters using YouIDraw. We will be demonstrating how to use brushes and apply textures with grey-scale hues to create artwork based on the amazing illustrations of artist Shaun Tan.


Thursday 20th August
“Sloppy Hockneys” using Aggie

Inspired by our current online exhibition Doodle, the children will be creating their own art forgeries with multiple children working together online to sketch at the same time! Their inspiration will come from artist David Hockney’s iPad work. Children will have to decide on colour palates, creating backgounds, foreground and details and co-operate with each other to decide who creates which bits!

Friday 21st August
The Ultimate Selfie using PhotoMosh

For our last session, kids will be creating their own glitching, shimmering, animated GIF selfie for their social media accounts and gamer pics (or just for fun)! We will be showing them how to create their selfie and carefully choose effects for maximum impact.