PULSAR – Summer Camp 2021

Monday 23rd  – Friday 27th August 2021

10.00am – 4.00.pm

This year we will be taking children on a musical journey through the sounds of space! They will learn how to:

  • live code algo beats and create motion graphics
  • synthesise their own electronic music
  • create an engineered rotating solar organ
  • create visual sound vibrations and Chladni patterns.

It will be a space jam of supernova sounds!

We have packaged up this year’s summer camp in 3 sessions so children can choose the projects they want to join.

Session 1 : Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th August

Live Coding Algo Beats artist, Antonio Roberts, will be delivering 2 days of live coding skills workshops. Children will be using Estuary and Hyrda to create sounds based on energetic charge particles and plasma waves in the solar system.

Session 2 : Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th August

BOM’s STEAM team will be showing off their solar system inspired musical instrument. Children will be using cogs, tubes, homemade beaters, papier mâché planets, and hacked theremins to create their own supernova sound system.

Session 3 : Friday 27th August

Children will learn about Chladni patterns on our final day. They will investigate the science behind sound waves and vibrations to create amazing patterns using coloured sand. These creations will visualise the soundwaves of the solar system using sound tracks recorded from NASA’s space explorations.

We are really excited to be running this year’s summer camp back at BOM but because of ongoing Covid guidelines, there will only be space for 15 children (from 7-13 years old) per day.

Sessions cost £25 per day  (10.00am – 4.00pm)

This year we are also offering 5 free spaces for families who have been economically disadvantaged by the pandemic.

For more information or to find out how to access these free spaces, contact chloe@bom.org.uk.

In addition to the sessions we also run  

  • Breakfast club (9.00am – 10.00am)
  • After camp club (4.00pm – 5.00pm) 

These additional clubs can be booked a day in advance with BOM’s STEAM team.
Please bring payment for the clubs on the day.
Breakfast and After Camp Club passes cost £5 per day.