How to create digital artwork using layers

In this session we will be showing you how to make digital artwork using the website and taking inspiration from the art work of linoprinter Eric Gaskell. This is a short video of how to layer up your work on Kleki. For a demonstration of how to use Kleki drawing tools there is a short video on How to Create Digital Mark Making.

To begin have a look at all the images and try to identify all the different layers that create the image. Identify the different sections of the print that have block colours and the types of mark making details.

Next, build up your layers using Kleki.




Once you’ve added all your layers you can then fun using the edit tool to transform position of your layer, change hues and saturations or invert colours.



Remember to save the different variations of your layered image using the blue download arrow.

Here are some examples of Eric Gaskell’s work alongside work the children created during Techoodle, our virtual summer camp.

Work by Ava, Kumayl, Aneurin, Gaspard and Elijah