How to collaborate on a piece of digital art work

This session is all about collaboration to create a piece of digital work. Using the website Aggie and a creative friend you will be able to create a ‘forgery’ inspired by David Hockney’s iPad art portfolio


David Hockney – Portfolio
Born in Bradford, England in 1937, Hockney was one of the big artists involved in the pop art movement in the 1960s. These are some of his most famous paintings.


David Hockney – Digital Portfolio

Hockney has always experimented with his art work. Some of his most recent work includes painting on iPads. The great thing about iPads is that once the work has been complete, you can go back and see how the painting was created. It’s like rewinding time.

Hockney’s Colour Palette

Hockney is known for creating work that is very vivid with a neon colour palette. This forms part of the Pop Art movement of the 60’s. He accentuates the colour by using bright tones that are more vivid than the real colour.

Aggie composition – Layering up digital art work

With your art buddy, identify which sections make up the background, mid ground and foreground.

Now between you and your budding decide who will re-create which block background parts and who will create the different parts of the details. It’s good to change your areas and create details on each other’s block parts as it will make your collaboration even better. In the video demonstration, Chloe and Ben split up the parts of the picture like this. Chloe decided to add details on Ben’s snow tipped mountains too!

When you have collaborated and created your pictures, export them so you can keep them in your digital portfolio of artwork. Here is Chloe and Ben’s finished work along with examples that children from our summer camp. Some children were so pleased with their work that they turned them into GIF’s too!

The finished work from the demonstration by Chloe and Ben

By Derwent and Kumayl

By Ruby and Teagan

By Ava and Gaspard