Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo is a coding club for 7+ year olds to have fun with programming languages and programmable hardware like Scratch, Micro:bit, Python and Raspberry Pi. Coding Volunteers help kids to learn and develop their own coding projects. The only thing you need to bring is a laptop!* Sessions are free. For more information contact

* if you don’t have a laptop then no worries! Get in touch and we can provide one for you for the duration of the session (for free of course)

Below are some activities that the Coder Dojo team have run at BOM and at online sessions. All the examples shown have been created by children during Coder Dojo sessions online. Feel free to try them at home as taster trials with your children.

Coder Dojo Online Resources


Scratch is a simple games engine and is a great way for kids to learn to code! The website has step by step tutorials to build interactive games, and activities to learn how to program.



To get the most out of Studio Code, create an account on this free coding resource, as this gives your child access to more activities. Similarly to Scratch, there are many step by step activities. Studio Code requires more advanced coding skills than Scratch and can be used as the next step up the coding skills ladder!

We started with this ‘Dance’ code. Follow the 10 step instructions to create something like this.

We also created some geometric art designs too. Follow the link and click the ‘Remix’ button to create your own!


This is a great website to create 3D models from code – create key rings, characters, animals… even DNA! Children can code using drag and drop code blocks, or type in code functions by hand. You can switch between the Blocks and Code views – a great way to see how it all works.

To get started choose a model from the community page, take a look at the code blocks, then click Render to see how to model looks. Adapt the code blocks to change the design.



This website is great for those who are transitioning from block coding to text-based coding. Tutorials help to develop skills and take children through, step by step, to help them understand and learn good practice.



Processing is super-powerful and amazing! Working with JavaScript, this website allows you to see a range of fun, and interactive, algorithmic CGI that children can copy, adapt, and save in their own portfolio of work. It also has a huge community, and you can follow friends from Coder Dojo, sharing your ideas and designs.