Digital Art

Length: 2 Sessions (2 hours)

Age range: KS2 / KS3 SEND

Fee: £360 + VAT

Learners will develop creative digital skills through a wide range of online applications such as;

  • Kleki, digital sketching using a range of effects and brushes
  • FlipAnim, composing animated sequence using stop motion and ‘onion skinning’ to create GIFs
  • YouiDraw, mark making illustrations exploring hues and textures
  • PhotoMosh, to create glitches and shimmering effects

From creating GIFs and animations, to designing digital art based on modern art classics, learners will create a portfolio of digitally doodled imagery that can also be used as gamer pics and digital avatars to adorn social accounts. Each two- hour session will include a tutorial and hands on support from the BOM engagement team who will guide learners through each application over two days.

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