Join us this February for a look at the world of immersive media and extended reality. Come and explore the future, play with the tech and even learn how you can create your own immersive experiences. We have two programmes on offer, take a look…

Open Worlds

February 13 – 17

Our week long Open Worlds programme is an extravaganza of workshops and talks introducing us to the world of immersive media. Hear from Industry insiders, get up close and personal with the latest kit and learn some new skills with us. 

Each day will highlight different aspects of immersion, the technology that underpins it and the critical voices working within the form.

Monday – The Idea of Immersion, the future of immersion.

Tuesday – Immersive Worlds, how to build them, what they mean.

Wednesday – The Sound of Immersion, spacialised sound, speaker arrays.

Thursday – Performing Immersion – motion capture on a shoestring.

Friday – Immersion IRL, and funding information.

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Immersive Arts Bootcamp

February 13 – March 3

Our 3 week Immersive Arts Bootcamp is a programme of guided learning, technical masterclasses, talks, and tech demos for people who want to work in immersive media, either by incorporating it into their creative practice, or by finding a job in the industry. 

This runs parallel to our Open Worlds events and shares the first week, but continues for two further weeks, shaping up your skills so you’ll be on track to make all your brilliant immersive projects happen in the future.

Bootcamp is designed for and is free of charge, to people who are neurodivergent and/or who live in one of the West Midlands priority areas.

We can provide access support for those that need it.

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