Melissa Grant


Melissa is a biochemist by training and has worked over the last decade in both the science and art fields: her collaborations at the lea between the two have resulted in work shown at Science Gallery London, Eden Project, Philadelphia Science Centre and BOM. Since 2005 she has researched biological aspects of dental disease; in 2008 she joined the NESTA supported Crucible project where she met her fellow High Altitude Bioprospecting (HAB) scientists, shortly thereafter joining forces with the artists of HAB. The last decade has seen major work for the HAB team: in 2010 we took two high school students to the Black Rock Desert in USA and flew the HAB device into the stratosphere to search for stratospheric microbes, the device crashed; in 2016 the Ingenious and Fearless Companions exhibition at BOM explored the blue skies research of HAB and the fall out of the crash, culminating in an autopsy of the original device. In September 2019 she hosted a team at the Kilpisjarvi field station as part of Field_Notes The Heavens, Finnish Bioart Society, Art & Science field laboratory, to develop and fly HAB 2.0.  In Spring 2021 HAB will bring their new insights and developments in a new exhibition at BOM, in celebration of ten years since the first launch of HAB into the stratosphere.