Edie Jo Murray

Edie Jo Murray (known also as EchoDeltaMoon) uses art to exploit cracks in reality. Edie’s creative practice focuses on perceptions of space and the world(s) we live in, fuelled by a desire to disrupt the notion of an objective or fixed reality. Much of Edie’s work utilises digital tools such as 3D rendered imagery, AR and VR to visualise alternate worlds and reimagine existing ones. This digital output is augmented via exploration of physical media, with particular consideration for the sensory properties of materials and how they can enhance or distort experiences of space.

Working with BOM has resulted in the creation of Mood Pinball, a hugely successful collaborative project with other BOM Fellows Ben Neal and Harmeet Chagger-Khan. As a result of this project, Edie has developed a renewed focus on the way in which audiences engage with her work, exploring the relationship between art, artist and audience.