Baum & Leahy


photo of Rose Leahy and Amanda BaumBaum & Leahy is an Earth-based symbiotic practice exploring how sustainable futures can be grown between environmental ethics and multispecies aesthetics. With a multimodal approach, they translate intangible phenomena and complex ecological dynamics into sensorial experiences. Through research-led worldmaking and material storytelling, their work allows the beholder a proximity to alternative realities, melting between the feasible and fantastical.

During their BOM fellowship Baum & Leahy will continue their overarching research into the Microbiocene – the past, ongoing, and future era of microbes. This speculative time imagines a microbe-centric alternative to the Anthropocene, exploring worlding between micro- and macrocosmos. Now recontextualised in the paradigm of the Covid-19 pandemic, their research will examine the intimate entanglements between new viruses and the microbiome, and between disruption and resilience from the personal to the planetary. In response to increased remote digital connection, social distancing and fear of the unseen, Baum & Leahy imagines how new forms of healing, symbiosis and collectivity can emerge.