Augmented Reality Workshops

Length: 2 Sessions (2 hours)

Age range: KS2 / KS3

Fee: £240 + VAT

Workshops will introduce learners to the amazing world of augmented reality. They will be able to explore augmented experiences using tablets and interact with amazing creatures and objects that augment in their own classrooms.

Learners will find out where to source free 3D programmes to create their own AR scenes. We will show learners how to create different file formats they can use and best practices for using 3D models in webAR. Learners will also create their own models using the 3D scanning app Qlone, a free accessible and fun way to learn the basics of augmented reality.

BOM can also extend these introductory workshops to develop learners’ digital skills so they can download their AR onto websites using some code work and a small website fee. With these extended skills QR codes can be established around your school allowing everyone to view learners’ augmented reality work.

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