AR Workshop for Neurodivergent People

Propeller’s free workshops to develop creative digital skills continues with the introduction of augmented reality.

Edie Jo Murray will be running 4 augmented reality workshops. She is a BOM Fellow, digital practitioner and approaches workshops through a lived experience of neurodivergence. Edie will take participants through a 4-step series of workshops that will introduce the world of AR. Workshops will explore a number of free or low cost methods for creating AR artwork that are accessible to individuals. Suitable for beginners, these sessions focus on techniques that require minimal coding and no prior knowledge of AR or web development.

Session 1: An introduction to AR
Saturday 29th January 2022 from 2-4pm

An overview of the basics of augmented reality and the different solutions available for making your own AR artwork. Edie will share their own experiences of working with AR as an individual artist with little tech expertise, showcasing 4 different easy-to-use approaches. You will get a chance to try out some AR experiences and talk about individual goals for what you’d like to make. (The 4 methods covered are AR.js, Vuforia, Spark AR and <model-viewer>)

Session 2: Sourcing or creating models
Saturday 5th February from 2-4pm

Learn where to source free 3D assets for your AR scenes. We will cover the different file formats you can use and best practices for using 3D models in webAR. We will also cover a quick and fun way to create your own models using the 3D scanning app Qlone. (I may briefly touch on options for creating your own models from scratch but won’t spend too much time on that as it’s such a big topic that could be it’s own course!)

Session 3: Getting set up with webAR
Saturday 12th February from 2-4pm

While 2 of the approaches covered in the first session are app-based, we’ll be focussing on webAR for this particular project. I’ll go over what you need to know about this approach and the pros and cons in comparison to apps, then we’ll get stuck into making our AR artworks. This part of the process involves some coding but is completely beginner friendly.

Session 4: Hosting your project
Saturday 19th February from 2-4pm

Now that we’ve made our AR artworks we need to host them online. We will use the free GitHub pages hosting service to get them up and running and ready to share! We can share what we’ve made and feedback on the process and I’ll answer any questions you have. 


  • A PC or Mac computer – laptops are fine, tablets aren’t suitable. 
  • A mobile device with a camera and internet access. 
  • Some form of plain text editor – you can use something as simple as notepad on PC, or a dedicated text editor for writing code (for reference I use Atom which is free to download)
  • Please be aware that some of the services covered require you to make a free account, so you will need to feel comfortable signing up for these. These are likely to include GitHub, Sketchfab, CGtrader and Turbosquid.

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Image curtesy of Edie Jo Murray and Jonny Bark