Year of the Commonwealth Games artistic programme announced

Having led the technology development for the 2022 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton, we are announcing a brand new programme as we enter a milestone year for Birmingham, exploring our relationship with Commonwealth communities and presenting new ways of re-imagining sport through art and electronics.

LEAVE THE EDGES  is a new immersive installation by Ghanaian born, British artist (and BOM Fellow) Baff Akoto. Entering a mirrored room, visitors are suspended in a stunning dreamscape where moving images weave together fragments of African spirituality as well as revisiting dark truths of empire.

Opening Event: 12 January 6 – 8pm
Exhibition: 12 January until 30 April 2022
Wed – Sat 11am – 4pm
Free entry

Joy Sticks, coinciding with the Commonwealth Games in the Summer, is a family friendly, sport and games inspired exhibition where visitors have to work with others through physical activity to win the games. It features Tie Your Laces by Scottish duo We Throw Switches – a test of speed and agility intended to be a love letter to games like squash and badminton. Visitors are also invited to play ping pong on a full size electronic ping pong table programmes with lights and sounds, called This is Not a Table by Birmingham born, Belfast based artist / BOM Fellow Robin Price.

As the Queen’s Baton makes its return to the UK and our city, Joy Sticks will also present a showcase of inspirational stories of changemakers from across the Commonwealth. Drawing on air quality data and stories captured by the Baton on its journey and beyond, BOM and MAOKWO arts and social justice organisation (part of the Baton design team with BOM) are working together to platform the voices of those making change within their communities.

Joy Sticks
Opening Event: 11 May 6 – 8pm
Exhibition: 11 May until 27 August 2022
Wed – Sat 11am – 4pm
Free entry