Mood Pinball 2020

Mood Pinball by BOM Residents  Ben Neal, Edie Jo Murray and Harmeet Chagger-Khan -and produced by BOM – is to have an exciting update coinciding with the ODI Summit 2020 today.

The project now has a dedicated website at where you can play online in your browser or install the app on your Android phone.

All 3 artists have prepared new moving image media for the event – watch the new animations and overview video in the video playlist below.

The project began as a series of workshops at BOM with neurodiverse participants, and eventually formed into a full-size virtual pinball machine. The game illustrates how access to noise data about a city could be used to improve your well-being by avoiding noisy locations, and how a data set can be explored in a fun and engaging way by playing a game.

Players of Mood Pinball take on the role of Edie Jo Murray in the form of the ball. Mood is affected, for better or worse, by visiting locations across a futuristic Coventry – quiet trips to the park give you energy while accidentally entering a noisy train station at rush hour brings your mood down.

Mood Pinball Android App

The original physical digital pinball machine was commissioned by ODI Data as Culture in partnership with the University of Southampton / King’s College London Data Stories project.

See our original post of Mood Pinball when it was exhibited as part of the Hacked! Games Re-designed exhibition  at BOM.

Mood Pinball at Hacked!

Moodpinball GIF