Robin Price in Residence at BOM

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We are looking forward to welcoming artist Robin Price, who is undertaking a three month residency at BOM from early May.

Robin’s artistic practice spans the areas of electronic music, visuals, audience interactivity and creative technology. His creative practice began in nightclubs and electronic music while studying theoretical physics. A fork in the road led him to a PhD in Composition and Creative Practice allowing him to diversify from maths into coding and electronics for interactivity and audience participation. Currently his practice involves writing linear music, microtonal music, exploring open form approaches to composition, visualising sound, building interactivity into objects, engaging with audiences through technology, and teaching. His passions are electronic and rooted in an abiding curiosity for the world.
Robin’s work centres on interactivity and technological interventions. He alters everyday devices so that the devices can be seen anew. By basing his interactive works on commonly understood objects he gives his audience a shortcut into how his new devices function while challenging the audiences’ old notion of how they should. Robin’s work examines the playful possibilities of old and new (and sometimes specially invented) technologies.
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Robin writes, “During my residency I will be working on the R&D for a long term project that involves taking environmental and air quality data and using it to control a generative ambient music audiovisual installation that I will eventually display in a variety of site-specific contexts and locations. The work aims to use field recordings gathered from the public along the themes of nature vs industry and serenity vs warning as well as my own compositions to respond to the changing environment.”

Robin is looking to partner with scientists who have an interest or experience in either:

-citizen science
-air quality stats (esp. regarding the meaningful interpretation of sensor data)
-air quality sensors and methods of data acquisition
If that sounds like you and you’d like to get involved please contact BOM.